Aryeh Schlossberg (1843-1925) R’tsei
Cantor David Propis, Tenor
National Opera Chorus and Orchestra
Joseph Ness, Conductor


O Lord our God, accept the prayer of Thy people Israel;
restore worship to the inner sanctuary of Thy house,
receive in love and favor the offerings and supplications of Israel...
And may our eyes behold Thy merciful return to Zion...
Daily Amidah

Little is known of Hazzan Aryeh Leib Schlossberg’s life. His reputation rests mainly upon this composition which was first recorded by Gershon Sirota, cantor at the Tlomacki Synagogue in Warsaw. Many others have sung it on recordings, in concert and, of course, in synagogues during worship, its appeal never having waned. Schlossberg himself was said to possess a voice “like the roar of a lion (sha’agat aryeh—a play on his given name as well), a tongue of pure gold and a mouth sweeter than honeycombs, whose every utterance caused wonderment among his listeners.” His son Isaac, a conductor, evidently finalized the version of R’tsei that we have today.